Kildebrønde Church     Kildebrønde Old School     Hundige Church





is a small, beautiful building from the middle ages, more than 800 years old. It lies surrounded by Kildebrønde Churchyard, visible from all directions. The choir is usually placed in the western end of the church, near the organ.





is situated the opposite side of the road. The old school building is now modernized and used for congregational activities, office for the large churchyard and a choir room, where the choir rehearses before each service or concert in Kildebronde Church.




is a modern church, placed on Eriksmindevej in Greve. Finished 1976, it contains a number of conference rooms, classrooms and choir rooms, along with offices, kitchen and a congregational hall. Most of the girl choir rehearsals take place in the choir rehearsal hall.



In Hundige Church the choir will normally sing from the gallery, where the organ is placed. Behind the gallery are choir and organist rooms. At choir recitals or other special occasions, the choir will often sing from the chancel step in front of the altar.


Kildebrønde Church    Kildebrønde Old School     Hundige Church

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