Hundige Church, 10 April 16.00


A service of Maria readings and music




Introitus: Luis Roche: Kyrie

Solrod Girls Choir and Ove Mathiesen


Greeting and prayer


1. Reading: Joachim and Anna - Marias parents - Jesu grandparents.

Maria's birth and youth

Legend from the pre-gospel of Jacob from 2. cent.


Gabriel Fauré: Ave Maria

Both Girls Choirs


2. Reading: The Virgin Maria and Joseph - Jesu parents.

Legend from the pre-gospel of Jacob from 2. cent.


Hymn no. 71: Nu kom der bud fra englekor


3. Reading: The annunciation and Magnificat

Luke. 1, v. 26-38 & 46-55


George Dyson: Magnificat

Both Girls Choirs


4. Reading: Anna's letter to Maria /Susanne Fabritius de Tengnagel


Niels Jesperssoen: Benedic Anima Mea

Kildebronde Girl Choir


5. Reading: The Mother. Eva talking to Maria/ Preben Thomsen


Hymn no. 101: Himlens morgenroede


6. Reading: Maria, mother of Jesus (1) by Johannes Vaerge


Korsats: Arr. Henrik Colding-Joergensen: Maria - Kyrie

Both Girls Choirs


7. Reading: Maria, mother of Jesus (1) by Johannes Vaerge


Hymn no. 222: Opstanden er den Herre Krist


8. Reading: The mother - Maria meets Jesus risen.

6. song: God, my God, in your goodness.

from Vilh. Groenbech´s song cycle: Solen har mange veje


Organ: Johannes Brahms: Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen

Henrik Colding-Jorgensen


9. Reading: Alone in the world (Alene i verden)

Hymn by Hans Anker Joergensen


Creed, the Lord's Prayer, blessing


Hymn no. 773:  Bliv hos os, nĺr dagen haelder


Exitus: Gabriel Fauré: Maria, Mater Gratiae

Both Girls Choirs


The Girls Choirs from Solrod and Kildebronde parishes.

Directors: Henrik Colding-Jorgensen and Ove Mathiesen.

Organist Ivan Gross.

Vicar Nynne Lange Reddersen.

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