After 50 years Denmark got in 2003 a new edition of the national hyms book, Den Danske Salmebog, widely used throughout the society. At the traditional Church Café at Hundige Mall August 25, 26 and 27, 2003, one of the added hymns was presented, together with one, that already was included in the old edition. A few members of Kildebronde Girl Choir were leading the singing, accompagnied on a digital piano by Henrik Colding-Jorgensen. The surrounders would sing along, the passers-by rejoice.


The hymns:

Monday: 787. Du, som har tændt millioner af stjerner.

   (And: Dagen går med raske fjed)

Tuesday: 725. Det dufter lysegrønt af græs

   (And: Vi pløjed' og vi så'de)

Wednesday: 103. Barn Jesus i en krybbe lå

   (And: En rose så jeg skyde)


Photo: Hanne Hummelshøj, manager of the church café.