Participating in the Nordic choir festival NORDKLANG 11

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8 members of the choir together with the choir director traveled to Trondheim in Norway by bus. All 66 passengers were choir singers from various parts of Denmark. We left Greve Saturday at 6.50 pm and traveled to Gothenburg at the Swedish coast, collecting the last few passengers on the way. After a change of bus driver we slept under ways until we were well into Norway. We arrived in Trondheim Sunday afternoon at 3 pm after several short and longer breaks.




Sunday, July 15, 2001

1.00-6.00 pm Registration, Scandic Hotell Prinsen. Dinner at a nearby café.

6.45 All participants gathered at the Olav Hall

7.00 Opening of the festival. Concert.


Nordklang is arranged every 3 years. The festival of year 2001 included 650 participants from all the Nordic countries, at 11 ateliers. Every morning and evening all singers would meet at the Olav Hall for Open Singing. During daytime we would work at the atelier somewhere else in Trondheim, so we had good walking exercise. Our lodging was the cheapest possible: A school. Unfortunately the weather during the festival was rather mixed.



Open singing at the Olav Hall - Bound for afternoon atelier


Monday - Thursday (with minor variations)

8.00-8.45 am Breakfast at the school

9.00-9.45 Open Singing at the Olav Hall

10.00-1.00 pm Atelier

1.00-2.45 pm Lunch at Scandic Hotell Prinsen


4.00-5.30 Afternoon atelier

5.30-7.00 Supper, Scandic Hotell Prinsen

7.30-9.00 Open singing at the Olav Hall

9.00-10.00 One night a rehearsal at the Nidaros Cathedral



Supper at Hotell Prinsen - Rehearsal, Atelier 9


Kildebrønde Sogns Pigekor was the only youth choir at the festival. At Atelier 9, we were singing Swedish romantic and contemporary music, conducted by the Norwegian Ragnar Rasmussen, professor of choir conducting in Tromsø. Se the music program on page 2.


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