Choir Reunions

Former members of Kildebronde Girl Choir

Since the 10th anniversary of the choir in 1980 former members meet every few years to keep in touch with the church and each others, mostly in the beginning of December. Every five years there is a celebration of the anniversary, also in December, even though the true date is October 1, 1970.

Greve swimming hall 1986

Hundige Church 2002

June 1998

The anniversary is celebrated with a choir of present and former members together. There are now about 200 choir singers in all.

Choir weekend 1998

15th anniversary 1985

A small reunion in 2002

When the 25th anniversary of Hundige Church was celebrated in the fall of 2001, a group of former choirmembers took part in both the Choir Café Monday and the great Festival Service Sunday. A few of these singers were indeed members of the choir at the time of the consecration 25 years before.

Sunday, December 11, 2005 Kildebronde Girl Choir celebrated their 35th anniversary in Hundige Church, ending in a Christmas Concert with old and new Christmas music.

12 December 2010 was celebrated the 40th jubilee of Kildebronde Girl Choir. A large jubilee choir of 45 former and present singers met in the afternoon for coffee, rehearsals and dinner, concluding the day with a festive concert for a large audience, including popular Christmas music from all the years.

December 13, 2015, was the 45th anniversary of Hundige-Kildebronde Girl Choir (The new name from 2015). A group of former singers and the present choir held an afternoon and an evening together with choir singing, dinner and concert. The beginning of the concert was one of our rare Lucia processions. Later there were songs by former choir members, the present choir and the total Anniversary Choir.


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