22 April 2011, 20.00



Good Friday is the darkest and most sinister day of the ecclesiastical year. It is the

day, when we recollect the death of Jesus on the cross. The evensong of Good Friday

is a serious service, which is at the same time a contrast to the joy of ressurection of

Easter Morning, and at the same time fundament for the Ressurection.


Prelude: J.S. Bach: Adagio from Sonata no. 1 for solo violin.

Sven-Ove Moeller: Han er sĺret for vore overtrćdelser

(He was wounded for our offences). Choir and organ.


Profecy of Esajas (Es. 52,13 – 53,12): The suffering servant of the Lord.

Hymn no. 192: Hil dig frelser og forsoner, v. 1-6

1. Reading and Meditation: The capture (Matt. 26,47-56)

G. B. Martini: Tristis est anima mea. Choir.

2. Reading and Meditation: Before the Council (Matt. 26,57-61)

Hymn no. 323: Kirken den er et gammelt hus, v. 1-3

3. Reading and Meditation: The judgement (Matt. 26,62-68)

4. Reading and Meditation: The denial of Peter (Matt. 26,69-75)

J. S. Bach: O, Mensch, bewein dein' Sünde gross. Organ.

5. Reading and Meditation: Jesus before Pilate (Matt. 27,1-2 og 11-14)

Hymn no. 202: Som et stille offerlam

6. Reading and Meditation: Jesus or Barabas  (Matt. 27, 15-26)

Hymn no.187: Rettens spir det alt er braekket

7. Reading and Meditation: The torture (Matt. 27,27-31)

G. M. Nanino /Ulrich Teuber: Stabat Mater. Choir.

8. Reading and Meditation: The crucifixion (Matt. 27, 32-44)

Hymn no. 192: Hil dig frelser og forsoner, v. 7-9

9. Reading and Meditation: The death of Jesus (Matt. 27,45-50)

H. Colding-Jorgensen: Eloi (1. movement of "Diptychon")

Choir and violin. Prémiere.

10. Reading and Meditation: The interment of Jesus (Matt. 27,51-61)

Hymn no. 457: Du som gik foran os

Reading from The Old Testament: Salm 129, De profundis.

H. Colding-Jorgensen: Clamavi (2. movement of "Diptychon").

Choir and violin. Prémiere.

Prayer and Blessing

Concluding hymn no. 193: O, hoved hoejt forhaanet.



Vicar Nynne Lange Reddersen; Peter Piotr Gasior, violin;

Reader: Adda Hoeberg; Kildebronde Girl Choir; Ivan Gross, organ;

Henrik Colding-Jorgensen, organ and dir.


Texts from The Old and New Testament.

Contemporary reflections by Holger Lissner