Hundige-Kildebronde Girl Choir

Hungary 2007

Torino 2012

Ghent 2016

The singers of Hundige-Kildebronde Girl Choir range from 11 until 19 years of age. Normally, new singers are accepted once or twice a year. Before joining the choir they go through an intense training during two or three months.

Pécs, Hungary 2015

Hundige Church 2012

Utrecht 2009

Part of the choir life is participating in choir festivals and exchange projects with other choirs, once or twice a year. Since 1975 we have taken part in a large number of choral festivals, exchange projects and travels in Denmark. From 1994 also abroad with increasing frequency. In 2015 we took part in the large international Europa Cantat festival in Pécs, Hungary, in 2016 we travelled to Ghent, Belgium, and 2018 we went to Tallinn, Estland. It is a great inspiration to meet singers from other choirs, both at rehearsals and during time off, and to sing new music with new conductors.

Torino 2012

Pécs, Hungary 2015

Aarhus 2010

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