Until 1976 the choir used red robes whith a loose white collar. That was uncomfortably hot, and as the singers themselves took care of washing, mending and adjusting to their changing size and shape, some of them looked rather miserable. We were happy to give them up in 1976, when Hundige Church was inaugurated. At that time the congregation was of the opinion, that the look of the choir was most lively and modern, if the singers wore their personal clothes.

The choir and Vicar Erling Djuraas 1974

But after two decades there arose in the choir during the 90's a wish to look a little more alike, when singing at special occasions. We had already begun dressing in white blouse/shirt and black below, it probably started at a television broadcast from Kildebronde Church in 1988. After a period of months, where we looked around at various models and borrowed a number of blouses, tunics and shirts from other choirs to test, we found a local dressmaker, who made the blue tunics and took care of their repair and maintainance.

Odense 1998

The first deliverance of the marine blue tunics arrived in the mail one of the first days of October, 1998, a few hours before a group of singers departed for a choir festival in Odense, Funen. We took them along, clean but never washed or ironed, and they were in use for the first time in Odense Cathedral two days later. Since then a mark II in a more uniform blue shade was developed, but the basic idea was still the same.

Hundige 2003

In the year 2000 the singers themselves bought t-shirts with a printed logo, for a spring recital in the local sports hall. Later the church bought the shirts, and since then they are used for less formal occasions, where the dark blue tunic seems a little too austere, for instance on travels or festivals.

Odense 2006

When the choir was asked to perform a Lucia procession at Hundige Mall in 2002, we had robes of white velour tailored to the occasion. These were also employed for Lucia processsions at Hundige Mall and Hundige Church in 2003, and Hundige Church 2008, 2009 and 2015.

Hundige Mall 2003


In 2007 we did a study tour to Hungary a week in August, and as the T-shirts seemed too warm for a southern summer, a set of new and more comfortable polo shirts were ordered, with embroidered logos, for summer use. The temperature in Hungary was 30 to 37 centigrades during the singing week.


In November 2008 new olive green uniforms took over from the blue tunics. They look rather like the old blue ones, but actually they are many differances.


For our study trip in 2012 to Europa Cantat in Torino, Italy, we bought a series of black summer dresses at H&M, to go with black tights and black shoes. For our own concert in a large church in the center of Torino we added T-shirts in a light crme color.

At some other concerts the dresses are used without shirts or blouses, according to the occasion.

The black dresses do not offer a good place to fit a logo.


The number of olive green uniforms was limited, and insufficient to meet the needs of the choir in the long run, with changing numbers and sizes of the singers. Plans for a supplement was initated in 2013, and in 2014 uniforms of a similar model were made, but with a slightly lighter colour and of a different material. The two types are used together indiscriminately.

One of the new variant (with the new logo) together with two of the initial model.




The first logo

Both the blue tunics, the white t-shirts, the white summer uniforms and the olive green tunics wear a logo, and only members of the choir are allowed to wear it. On the t-shirts it is printed, but on the tunics and the summer shirts it is embroidered directly on the fabric. We have a number of tunics and shirts without logo, to be worn by apprentices, who naturally are not yet choir members. Some of them were in use, when we took five Jutlandish singers along on our study tour to Barcelona. Former members of Kildebronde Girl Choir carry occasionally tunics with a logo. In addition to the clothing the logo is used in letters, information a.o. There is even a small "nameplate" at the door to the gallery of Hundige Church.


Other languages

The logo was "translated" for use at the large Europa Cantat festivals in Barcelona 2003, Mainz 2006, Utrecht 2009 and Torino 2012.


A jour

After several hundred years the name of the parish was changed in December 2014, and it became necessary to change the name of the choir accordingly. But we kept the bird! For Europa Cantat 2015 in Pcs, Hungary, a Hungarian version of the new logo was made.


The bird

The bird in the logo was drawn in 1997 by the graphics artist Helle, a former member of the choir. Helle has given the choir permission to use it.